“How do I know whether it’s time for a new water heater?”

“Is now the right time to upgrade your water heater?”

These are questions we are asked often here at Drain Pro Plumbing in Victoria.

In a nutshell, there are two compelling reasons to replace your existing water heater for a new water heater:

Both good reasons, though quite different in their nature and potential urgency.

Existing Water Heater Is Near / At End of Life

flooding from water heaterA water heater at the end of its life cycle is ripe for replacement.

First off, there’s the potential for leaks and/or flooding. A water heater that fails can end up causing damage to anything nearby, as it can rupture and flood the area around it. That can mean costly damage and an insurance claim.

The best-case scenario for a failed water heater would be, of course, no hot water. That’s not a desirable situation, either.

Your better option is to get out ahead of a water heater at the end of its designed life cycle. How?

Watch for telltale signs that a water heater is about to fail:

  1. water heater in homeAge of water heater – most water heaters were not designed to last more than 10 years; not to say that some don’t last longer, but you’re rolling the dice by letting it age in place
  2. Water around the water heater is a bad sign, indicating a potential leak which, left unchecked, could cause flooding
  3. Noise – if you’ve had the water heater for a while, you’re accustomed to its usual rumblings and/or other noises; if you start to hear new noises, like rumbling or banging, you may have a water heater that needs replacement
  4. Rusty water – if you see rusty hot water, you probably have either rusty pipes or a water heater that’s rusting

None of these signs are to be ignored. Your best bet is to call a plumbing & water heater professional who can diagnose the issue(s) and advise on your best course of action, be that water heater repair or water heater replacement.

Upgrade Your Water Heater for Comfort & Savings

water heater tankAnother reason to replace your water heater is to upgrade to a newer, better water heater which would give you better comfort, amenities and/or savings.

New water heater models come in a variety of configurations and options, from larger tank capacity to faster refill time to the increasingly popular tankless water heaters.

Which one is right for you will depend on the size of your home, number of people in the household and other lifestyle factors.

All of the water heaters on the market in Canada today have a better energy efficiency, which can lead to cost savings on your monthly hydro or gas bill.

Of course, there’s an initial investment involved, but this can be offset in the long run both by savings and comfort.

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