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Water Line Replacement & Installations

A burst pipe or leaking water line is a plumbing emergency that you must resolve immediately to avoid expensive damage to your home or office. Make sure your underground water line is running as it should. We have decades of experience finding and repairing water line leaks, bursts, and breaks in and around Victoria. Trust Drain Pro to get the job done!

    a plumber completing a water line installation in Victoria, BC

    Trusted Water Line Replacements In Victoria

    Nobody wants to have to replace an entire water line, so we provide water line repairs and water main repairs. At Drain Pro, the trusted Victoria plumbers, we have the knowledge and experience to provide an accurate assessment of your water lines. We’ll recommend repair options whenever possible, though sometimes a replacement is the only workable solution. No matter what the issue with your water lines in Victoria, we will work with you to find the best possible solution.

    • Water line incidents tend to be unpredictable, and we know it’s never a good time for a leaking or burst pipe.
    • We understand water line costs are not trivial, and many insurance policies don’t cover repairs on water mains or water lines.
    • Whether you have insurance, Drain pro will provide you with an honest assessment and we’ll do everything possible to mitigate your water line repair or replacement costs.

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    Replacing or Repairing Your Water Line

    If your water line only has a small leak or clog, a repair might be all that is needed. Signs of a small leak can be hard to spot, but usually, an increase in water bills, low water pressure and wet spots on floors or walls are observed. In older homes and buildings, the outside water pipes that feed fresh water to your home or business can and will show more advanced signs of wear and tear. In these cases, water service line replacement is required. This waterline damage can be because:

    • The ground around the building and pipes has shifted
    • Corrosion of root systems have damaged the water line
    • Shifting ground due to weather such as snow, ice, heavy rain, etc
    • Frozen water pipes

    Age will also bring the lifespan of water lines to an inevitable end. Trust Victoria’s most reliable plumbing service to repair or replace your water line!

    a plumber replacing a water line in a home in Victoria, BC
    a plumber cutting a pipe for a water line replacement project

    Trenchless Water Line Repair in Victoria

    Trenchless water line replacement is a method of replacing broken water lines that is much quicker, easier and cheaper than traditional methods. Homeowners prefer this method because it is also less intrusive. Trenchless water line repair involved digging two holes, one where the water line begins and the other where the water line ends. A cable system is then used to connect the holes together and create space for the underground water pipe to go. Benefits of trenchless water line repair:

    • Trenchless repair methods can be done within a day or two
    • No need for large equipment, lessening the damage and cost of the repair
    • Highly durable and long-lasting repair solutions

    Rely on Victoria’s most trusted plumbing service for trenchless water line repair!

    Common Signs of a Broken Water Line

    Water lines can burst due to a number of reasons. However, catching a smaller issue before it becomes a big one can be difficult to spot. Here are a few signs you can look out for that might tell you there is an issue with your water line:

    • Your water bill suddenly increases with no explanation
    • Your water pressure is lower than usual
    • Soft or wet spots appear around your lawn

    If you notice any of the signs above, call our team at Drain Pro Plumbing today! We’ll be able to send a technician to your home to assess the situation.

    a hand catching water from an open faucet with weak water pressure

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I tell if my water line is broken?2020-09-30T15:33:53+00:00

    Sometimes a broken water line is very obvious – a geyser of water or massive puddle starts building up on your property. However sometimes a broken water line can be a bit harder to spot. Here are 3 signs that your water line might be broken.

    • Your water bill suddenly increases: Your water bill should not see dramatic changes throughout the season. If you notice there is a considerable spike in your usage, this is normally the first sign that you might have a leak somewhere on your water line. If you spot such a spike in your water bill, make sure to take a close look at your lawn, basement, and foundation. Other problems might be lurking there.
    • You have lower water pressure:A sudden and significant reduction of your water pressure is another big red flag that could potentially signal a leak in your water line. You will feel the decrease in water pressure when you use the tap, take a shower, and the toilet might not even be able to flush properly
    • Soft, wet spots appear in your lawn: This is another clear sign that you likely have a broken water line. When underground water lines break, they leak water up into the soil. If you spot soft and wet spots on your lawn this might be where your water pipe broke.

    If you notice any of the above signs, don’t wait, call Drain Pro Plumbing Services today. We will get to you as soon as possible and fix your broken water line.

    What causes a water line to break?2022-12-19T15:21:21+00:00

    There are a number of reasons why your water line might break. In Victoria, it is not uncommon for frozen water pipes to burst and cause serious leaks, especially if you were away from your home in the winter and turned off the heating. Pipes can also break because a shift in the ground around the pipe, root systems growing and coming into contact with your pipes, corrosion, or even shoddy workmanship.

    Other possible causes of damage include:

    • Corrosion or deterioration of the material
    • Regular wear and tear
    • Tree roots
    • Poor installation
    • Shifting of soil under the surface
    • Sediment buildup
    • Mineral deposit
    • Accumulation of dirt, dust and gunk
    • Frozen water

    No matter the cause of your broken pipes, Drain Pro Plumbing is there for you in your moment of need. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergency calls.

    How often do I need to replace my water pipes?2020-12-10T19:52:51+00:00

    There are many different types of pipes that work together in your plumbing system. Their lifespans vary depending on the material they are made of:

    Supply Lines

    • Copper Pipes: 70-80 Years
    • Brass Pipes: 80-100 Years
    • Galvanized Steel: 80-100 Years

    Drain Lines

    • Plastic PVC Pipes: 25-40 Years
    • Cast Iron Pipes: 80-100 Years

    Damage to these pipes can still happen at any time across their lifespan due to clogs, freezing, tree roots, or weather conditions and need be repaired or replaced. If you live in a very old home and aren’t sure when the last time the pipes were inspected, give us a call for an inspection and we can recommend any replacements that may be needed.

    What is trenchless water line replacement?2020-12-09T21:51:19+00:00

    Trenchless water line replacement is a cutting-edge method of replacing broken water lines that is quicker, easier, cheaper and less damaging than traditional methods.

    It involves creating two holes: One hole where the water line begins, and one hole where the water line ends. Then a cable pulling system is used to connect the holes together underground and create the space for the underground water pipe to go. We then connect this pipe to the plumbing system of the property and the water access point to complete the line.

    Ask us about this type of water line installation and we’ll see if it’s the right service for you!

    Can I replace my metal water lines with PEX?2020-12-09T21:52:41+00:00

    Replacing metal water lines with PEX is a great way to update your plumbing system. PEX tubing is made of high density polyethylene tubes that are strong, flexible, chlorine and scale resistant, and don’t corrode or develop pinholes.

    PEX tubing is quicker and easier to install than metal piping because they don’t need as many directional connections and fittings. This helps you save on labour costs for installation. The flexibility of PEX pipes also makes them able to handle the freeze-thaw cycle better than traditional piping.

    Ask your plumber about PEX piping if you are looking to have any water lines replaced.

    What are common water line issues?2022-12-19T15:23:28+00:00

    Noisy Pipes

    Even though a noisy pipe is not a serious problem in and of itself, it could become one if left unattended. The loud noise coming from the pipes is typically caused by air. Pipes make a loud noise and causes the pipes to vibrate and bang when air gets into the water line.


    Water line leaks can occur anywhere for a variety of causes, including joint loosening and pipe corrosion. It is a contributing reason to low water pressure.

    Low Water Pressure

    Low water pressure can occur for a variety of reasons. It can be because of a leak, a clog or obstruction brought on by mineral or sediment accumulation inside the pipe, oxidation, or an issue with the municipal department’s water supply.

    Burst Pipes

    The most serious plumbing problems are burst pipes. When you experience a burst pipe, you should immediately fix the water line.

    Frozen Pipes

    In areas with extreme weather, frozen pipes are an issue that typically happens when the thermostat is turned off and the water is not utilised for a while, such as when a family goes on vacation. Due to the low temperature in this situation, the water in the pipe freezes, resulting in a blockage.


    Whatever the causes for your damaged pipes, Drain Pro Plumbing is here to help you when you need it. We are ready to answer to emergency calls around-the-clock, every day of the week.

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