Water Line Replacement & Installations

A burst pipe or leaking water line is a plumbing emergency that you must resolve urgently to avoid expensive damage to your home or office. Make sure your underground water line is running like it should. We have decades of experience finding and repairing water line leaks, bursts, and breaks in and around Victoria, so you can trust Drain Pro to get the job done!

Trusted Water Line Replacements In Victoria

Nobody wants to have to replace an entire water line, so we provide water line repairs and water main repairs. At Drain Pro, the trusted  Victoria plumbers, we have the knowledge and experience to make an accurate assessment of your water lines. We’ll recommend repair options whenever possible, though sometimes a replacement is the only workable solution. No matter what the issue with your water lines in Victoria, we will work with you to find the best possible solution.

  • Water line incidents tend to be unpredictable, and we know it’s never a good time for a leaking or burst pipe.
  • We understand water line costs are not trivial, and many insurance policies don’t cover repairs on water mains or water lines.
  • Whether or not you have insurance, Drain pro will provide you with an honest assessment and we’ll do everything possible to mitigate your water line repair or replacement costs.

Countless Reasons You Can Trust Us

Locally Owned & Operated

Plumbing Contractors & Emergency Plumbers Living In & Serving Victoria, Saanich & Western Communities.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

You’ll have peace of mind when Drain Pro is on site working at your residence or commercial property

All Work Guaranteed

At Drain Pro we stand behind the work we perform, committed to your 100% complete satisfaction

Fast Service 24/7

We know that plumbing needs can be urgent; that’s why we offer around-the-clock service, 7 days a week

Upfront Flat Rate Pricing

Nobody wants an unpleasant surprise, be it plumbing or pricing. That’s why we’re transparent in our quotes

Exceptional Customer Service

We treat customers the same way we’d treat friends or family, with respect and dedication to serve & to help

When Do You Need Your Water Line Replaced?

If your water line only has a small leak or clog, a repair might be all that is needed. Signs of a small leak can be hard to spot, but usually an increase in water bills, low water pressure, and wet spots on floors or walls are observed. In older homes and buildings, the outside water pipes that feed fresh water to your home or business can and will show more advanced signs of wear and tear. In these cases water service line replacement is required. This water line damage can be because:

  • The ground around the building and pipes has shifted
  • Corrosion of root systems have damaged the water line
  • Shifting ground due to weather such as snow, ice, heavy rain, etc
  • Frozen water pipes

Age will also bring the lifespan of water lines to an inevitable end. Trust Victoria’s most reliable plumbing service to repair or replace your water line!

Drain Pro Client Testimonials

“I made an appointment to have our condos drains checked with a camera. Jason the plumber arrived early and started right away. He had all the drains inspected quickly. Gave a detailed description of any sediment and suggested what should be done but that we were good for a while yet, no pressure to hurry. Will definitely have them back when the time comes.”

Diane Waller

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