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    Basements are becoming more and more a part of the normal home living space. With this comes the installation of basement toilets and basement showers. To get the waste to the pipes that handle household sewage, the majority of basement toilets employ an up-flushing system. If you want a basement bathroom, you have a few options, but it’s usually not a project that should be done yourself.

    Since the toilet in a basement bathroom is lower than the pipes inside the house, a pump system of some kind is usually required. Expert plumbers like those at Drain Pro Victoria can provide you with knowledgeable advice about the types of systems that would be most effective in your house. It is better to leave building a bathroom or toilet to the pros because it will require breaking through concrete in a basement without any prior plumbing.

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    Need a Basement Rough-In in Victoria?

    Plumbing rough-ins add value and convenience to your home, as they set the stage and build the foundation of a new bathroom. Rough-ins are a lot of work and require experience and expertise to prevent mistakes and problems.

    A plumbing rough-in or a basement rough-in is the beginning of a bathroom. Building a rough-in means setting up the water supply lines and drain pipes in a designated spot in your home where you intend to one day build a bathroom.

    If you hope to one day have a fully finished basement(or you are currently finishing up your basement), you’ll want to install a bathroom down there. A good way to add value and convenience to your home is to lay out the groundwork for a functional bathroom.

    Basement rough-ins, basement bathrooms, and basement toilets are a great investment that makes your home far more valuable and buyable. Get started with us today

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