A sump pump serves an invaluable role in every household. However, harsh winter conditions can cause it to malfunction, leaving your house in a vulnerable state.

Hence, the team at Drain Pro Plumbing would like you to know how to maintain your sump pump over the winter.


Inspect the Sump Pump

sump pump maintenance inspect

A basic component of sump pump maintenance is a comprehensive inspection of the said sump pump. You should check the motor, impeller and other components for any visible signs of damage. Alternatively, you could engage a professional’s services and increase the likelihood of detecting any possible issues.




The functionality of your sump pump needs to be confirmed regularly to verify its working status. A simple way to do so is to pour a bucket of water into it. If the pump turns on and performs as expected, it is good to go. If it doesn’t, check the pump’s power source and ensure that the float switch is moving with ease and isn’t hindered by obstacles in the water.


Clean The Sump Pump


The accumulation of dirt, dust, sediment and other debris is a natural occurrence over time. However, this natural occurrence can hinder and damage the pump’s machinery and render it useless.

To ensure your sump pump’s safety in winter, you should clean it thoroughly before the cold sets in. Clearing any sediment, dirt or debris will prolong the pump’s longevity. Also, take note to include cleaning the inlet screen in your sump pump maintenance to avoid blockage.


Check The Drainage Pipe


The pipe that allows the water from the sump pump to flow out is a very crucial part of the sump pump’s mechanism. It has been known to get clogged up with debris and sediment or freeze shut during winter. Without its ability to drain water, the sump pump is at serious risk.

Hence, you should check the drainage pipe regularly to keep your sump pump safe in winter. Clearing out any debris that clogs the pipe will allow water to flow with ease. In the case of freezing during the winter season, warm water or a hairdryer can be used to thaw it out.


Backup Power

sump pump maintenance backup

A source of emergency power for your sump pump can be crucial during winter, given how power outages are more frequent during the colder months. Acquiring backup power for your sump pump can prove invaluable in winter emergency situations.

You should make checking on your backup power source a part of your sump pump maintenance routine. Check the battery levels and ensure that they are always fully charged just in case.


Install A Freeze Guard


Protecting your sump pump in winter is a much easier endeavour with the help of a freeze guard. A freeze guard is installed on the drainage pipe to prevent freezing during winter. It comes equipped with a temperature sensor. When the cold gets low enough to freeze water, the freeze guard can release a trace amount of water from the sump pump to ensure that the discharge pipe stays clear and doesn’t freeze.


Drain Pro Plumbing Services – Trusted Lower Vancouver Plumbers


Sump pump maintenance is crucial to help it survive wintertime and function properly in spring and summer. Regular maintenance will ensure that your house stays dry and eliminates the need for costly repair work.

If you are not sure of how to keep your sump pump safe in winter, you should contact an expert in the field. Please contact us if you have any plumbing issues. Drain Pro Plumbing Services provides the Victoria and Lower Vancouver areas with the best plumbing services. With over 40 years of experience under our belt, we bring honesty, professionalism and reliability to the table. With our help, you can avoid flooding and maintain functional plumbing with ease.