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Sump Pump Installations & Repairs

Trust Drain Pro’s Fully Licensed Crews for a Fast & Efficient Sump Pump Installation or Repair.

    installing a new sump pump

    Drain Pro Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

    Sump pumps are installed in basements and designed to pump out any excess water that may cause flooding. Our installation process involves finding the lowest point in the floor, placing the sump pump in a specially dug hole and securing it in place.

    Drain Pro can help you identify which sump pump model is right for you based on your specific situation. The benefits of a properly installed sump pump include:

    • Protecting against sewage backups
    • Keeping humidity low in basements
    • Preventing floods from rainwater
    • Reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth

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    Avoid Flooding With Sump Pump Experts

    Flooding is something that all homeowners should be aware of and prepared for in Victoria, BC. During periods of heavy rain, it is not uncommon for homeowners to discover that their basement has flooded. That is why investing in a sump pump installation is the best preventative measure you can take.

    Sump pumps act as a large floor drains, sucking out water from your basement and redirecting it. By installing a sump pump, you can keep control of any normal water build up and prevent your basement from flooding. You can depend on Drain Pro’s expert crews to handle all your sump pump needs in Victoria, BC. Contact us today for all your sump pump installation or repair needs!

    installing a new sump pump to replace an old one

    Drain Pro Client Testimonials

    “I made an appointment to have our condos drains checked with a camera. Jason the plumber arrived early and started right away. He had all the drains inspected quickly. Gave a detailed description of any sediment and suggested what should be done but that we were good for a while yet, no pressure to hurry. Will definitely have them back when the time comes.”

    Diane Waller

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a sump pump?2021-10-18T17:43:14+00:00

    A sump pump is a submersible pump that is found at the lowest point in a property. This pump helps to protect a house from water damage caused by intense rainfalls, storms, and rising waters. The pump is inside a sump pit and can detect when water begins to rise. When the water starts to build, the sump pump will pump the water out of the building and away from your property.


    Contact Drain Pro Plumbing today for more information!

    What are the benefits of getting a sump pump?2021-10-18T17:43:02+00:00

    A sump pump helps to protect your house from flooding, mold, and electrical fires. When there is heavy rainfall, basements can fill with water fast. High levels of water in a contained area such as a basement can lead to damage to all belongings and the structure of your home. Built-up water in a basement is likely to grow mold. Mold grows fast and can have a severe impact on not only your house but your personal health. Water damage to electrical appliances can cause short-circuits which lead to electrical fires.


    Protect your house from preventable damage. Contact Drain Pro Plumbing today to learn more about sump pumps and how they can help protect your home!

    Why is it beneficial to hire professionals to install a sump pump?2021-10-18T17:42:48+00:00

    Sump pump installation can be tricky and there are many things that can go wrong. If a sump pump is not properly installed, that could lead to severe damage to your home. There are also special tools required to install a sump pump that aren’t worth buying for just one use. Save yourself time and money from an installation where anything could go wrong, hire trusted professionals for sump pump installation and repairs.


    Contact Drain Pro Plumbing today to learn more!

    How do I know what type and size of sump pump I need?2021-10-18T17:42:34+00:00

    Sump pumps can come in different shapes and sizes which can make it difficult to tell what would be best for your home. The best way to find a sump pump that works for you is to contact professionals. At Drain Pro Plumbing, we are here to help you find the right sump pump for your home.


    Contact us today to learn more about sump pumps!

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