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Sewer Line Replacements & Repairs

From urgent sewer line repairs to proactive sewer line
repair & replacement, turn to Drain Pro.

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    How Drain Pro Helps with Sewer Line Repairs & Replacement

    Drain Pro is the authority on plumbing and sewer lines. We provide sewage line service in Victoria & surrounding communities. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, committed to providing you with the highest quality of sewer line repair or replacement workmanship and service. We provide video inspection services as well.

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    The Dangers of A Broken Sewer Line

    A broken sewer line will eventually lead to more damage on your property if it isn’t fixed right away. Sinkholes can form in your yard and excess moisture can find it’s way into your home through your foundation. This moisture is all that is needed for mold and harmful bacteria colonies to form in the nooks and crannies of your home. Eventually, the broken sewer line will start to affect your health as well. Potential health risks include:

    • Gas poisoning from methane gas released from the sewer line.
    • Bacterial infections caused by E.Coli, salmonella, and pinworms which are commonly found in sewage.
    • Respiratory problems caused by mold buildup in the home.
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    Victoria’s Experts in Diagnosing Sewer Line Symptoms

    It’s all connected to the sewer line! Even if the indoor plumbing in your home or business is in tip-top shape, you may find yourself experiencing issues with drains, pipes and other outside factors in the main sewer line. Sewer lines can be blocked to the point of needing substantial repair or even replacement.

    • We’ll diagnose the issues and give a clear, well-informed assessment
    • Our goal is to save you costs but also save you headaches down the line
    • Trust the experts at Drain Pro to resolve your sewer line issues

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know whether I need a sewer line repair or replacement?2020-09-30T15:35:53+00:00

    There are numerous signs that sewer line repair or replacement may be necessary. Are you experiencing backups of wastewater or sanitary sewer? Are pipes leaking in your home? Is water draining slowly from sinks, tubs, showers and/or toilets? Are you seeing mold in walls an/or ceilings? Is your water bill abnormally high? These could be warning signs that sewer lines are broken or failing. That means it’s time to call in the pros for a sewer line inspection. We’ll assess the condition of your sewer lines. We do our best to recommend sewer line repair whenever possible, rather than full sewer line replacement. For more information, please see our article on sewer line repairs & replacement.

    What is a sewer line belly, and is it a problem?2021-04-05T13:25:05+00:00

    A sewer line belly is a significant sign that there will be a problem with the line in the future. A sewer line belly is a part of the line that sags slightly, which causes standing water and sewage sediment to buildup in the area. This leads to increased erosion of the pipe which increases the risk of the sewer line breaking. Since the sewer line is buried, a sewer line belly is not something that is easily spotted. That’s why it is important to have a plumber inspect and perform maintenance on your sewer lines at least once every couple of years.

    How often should you clean out a sewer line?2021-04-05T13:27:30+00:00

    Sewer lines should be flushed and cleaned out once every 18 to 22 months. This will help keep the line running optimally. If you are experiencing frequent sewage problems, then contact us for a video inspection. We can find the issue and repair it, and if no issue is found, we can perform the regular maintenance on the sewer line.

    Can trenchless sewer repair fix a sewer line belly?2021-04-05T13:30:56+00:00

    Trenchless line repairs can’t repair a sewer line belly. The sleeve that is inserted into the line simply follows the path of the existing pipes. Therefore, if the pipe has a belly, then the sleeve will also have one. The only way to fix a sewer line belly is by digging up the pipe and replacing the section where the belly is located.

    Who is responsible for fixing a broken sewer line?2021-04-05T13:38:04+00:00

    For all parts of the sewer line on a private property up to the connection point to the city or municipal sewer system, the property owner is responsible for the upkeep and repair or all sewer line pipes.

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