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Plumbing System Maintenance In Victoria

Make sure your plumbing system always runs smoothly with regular maintenance! Routine plumbing maintenance is essential for upkeep of your plumbing system. Prevent small problems from getting bigger and call the plumbing maintenance experts at Drain Pro. 

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    Victoria’s Plumbing Maintenance Experts

    While your plumbing may be out of sight and out of mind, it is hard at work behind the scenes delivering hundreds of thousands of litres annually to the average BC household. While some plumbing problems unexpectedly occur even in the most well-maintained homes, many common plumbing issues can be prevented. Follow these preventative measures to avoid costly plumbing disasters:

    • Use a filter on your drains to catch hair and other debris before they go down the drain
    • Get a slow drain checked right away before it gets worse
    • Never pour any grease down the drain
    • Remove mineral buildup by cleaning shower-heads and faucet aerators on a regular basis
    • Clean the P-trap in your kitchen sink once a month

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    Drain Pro Client Testimonials

    “I made an appointment to have our condos drains checked with a camera. Jason the plumber arrived early and started right away. He had all the drains inspected quickly. Gave a detailed description of any sediment and suggested what should be done but that we were good for a while yet, no pressure to hurry. Will definitely have them back when the time comes.”

    Diane Waller

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I prevent my pipes from freezing?2020-09-30T11:56:33+00:00

    Here in Victoria and Lower Vancouver Island, the weather generally doesn’t get to the point where pipes freezing is a major concern. It’s the warmest city in Canada, after all! But sometimes winter takes its toll, in the form of snowfall and/or freezing temperatures. Does that leave your pipes vulnerable? The answer depends on the construction of your home. In particular, if you have a water heater in an external portion or exterior segment of your home, and an extended cold snap or power outage were to occur, this could leave your pipes vulnerable. Power outages in general can be problematic. To find out whether your home is built solid for the winter or remains vulnerable to pipes freezing, call on Drain Pro for an inspection of your pipes and plumbing.

    What’s the best way to lower the chance of pipes clogging?2020-09-30T11:57:34+00:00

    The best way to prevent clogged pipes and drain blocks is to watch religiously what is going down the drains. Use filters on shower and tub drains to catch hair and other objects. Similarly, sinks can have a trap installed to catch debris. Do not put grease, oil or any foreign objects down the drain. Only toilet paper should go into the toilet. Use compost bins, recycling and garbage to your advantage to keep anything and everything from going down the pipes. Proactive measures are the best way to keep your pipes clear and free of blocks and clogs.

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