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Gas Line Installation, Repair & Replacements

Whether you’re looking to install, repair or replace gas lines in Victoria, Drain Pro’s experienced gas technicians are there for you. Natural gas lines are a reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly energy source, make sure you get the most out of yours!

Gas Line Repair & Replacement In Victoria

Do you have existing natural gas lines that need repair or replacement? Drain Pro has qualified gas techs who can expertly diagnose the situation and provide the solutions your gas lines need. Trust the Victoria gas line experts.

  • We’ll do everything possible to affordably repair gas lines without resorting to replacement
  • Sometime replacement is inevitable; we’ll give you a fair & transparent quote
  • Our techs are licensed & experienced in gas lines

Countless Reasons You Can Trust Us

Locally Owned & Operated

We’re happy to live here, proudly serving Victoria, Saanich & the Western Communities with dedication & integrity

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

You’ll have peace of mind when Drain Pro is on site working at your residence or commercial property

All Work Guaranteed

At Drain Pro we stand behind the work we perform, committed to your 100% complete satisfaction

Fast Service 24/7

We know that plumbing needs can be urgent; that’s why we offer around-the-clock service, 7 days a week

Upfront Flat Rate Pricing

Nobody wants an unpleasant surprise, be it plumbing or pricing. That’s why we’re transparent in our quotes

Exceptional Customer Service

We treat customers the same way we’d treat friends or family, with respect and dedication to serve & to help

Licensed & Insured Gas Line Installation Technicians

Considering a new gas line for your home or business? Natural gas is more energy efficient and more reliable than other energy sources, making it an excellent choice. Our licensed and insured gas technicians will assess your infrastructure and determine how best to install your gas line.

  • Natural gas is great for kitchens, gas fireplaces, grills and more
  • Trust gas line work only to highly trained, certified professionals
  • Don’t forget how great it is to have an endless supply of gas when you are running the BBQ!

Drain Pro Client Testimonials

“I made an appointment to have our condos drains checked with a camera. Jason the plumber arrived early and started right away. He had all the drains inspected quickly. Gave a detailed description of any sediment and suggested what should be done but that we were good for a while yet, no pressure to hurry. Will definitely have them back when the time comes.”

Diane Waller

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe is natural gas?2020-09-30T11:49:32+00:00

When installed and used correctly, natural gas is a very safe and efficient source of power. The overwhelming majority of incidents involving natural gas are due to not following the correct procedures, especially when it comes to connecting and disconnecting natural gas lines. When you have your natural gas line installed by licensed professionals such as those at Drain Pro Plumbing Services, you can rest assured that your natural gas system is safe. Call us today if you are interested in installing a natural gas system in your home.

Why does natural gas smell like rotten eggs?2020-09-30T13:11:16+00:00

Believe it or not, natural gas smells like rotten eggs to keep you safe. Because natural gas on its own is odorless, a harmless and safe chemical called mercaptan is mixed with the gas so we can smell if there is a gas leak. Most people describe the smell of natural gas mixed with mercaptan as similar to rotten eggs or sulphur. If you have a natural gas in your home and notice a smell of rotten eggs, you might have a natural gas leak. If you suspect you do have a leak, vacate your home and call Drain Pro Plumbing.

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