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Gas Line Installation, Repair & Replacements

Whether you’re looking to install, repair or replace gas lines in Victoria, Drain Pro’s experienced gas technicians are there for you. Natural gas lines are a reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly energy source, make sure you get the most out of yours!

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    Gas Line Repair & Replacement In Victoria

    Do you have existing natural gas lines that need repair or replacement? Drain Pro has qualified gas techs who can expertly diagnose the situation and provide the solutions your gas lines need. Trust the Victoria gas line experts.

    • We’ll do everything possible to affordably repair gas lines without resorting to replacement
    • Sometime replacement is inevitable; we’ll give you a fair & transparent quote
    • Our techs are licensed & experienced in gas lines
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    Licensed & Insured Gas Line Installation Technicians

    Considering a new gas line for your home or business? Natural gas is more energy-efficient and more reliable than other energy sources, making it an excellent choice. Our licensed and insured gas technicians will assess your infrastructure and determine how best to install your gas line.

    • Natural gas is great for kitchens, gas fireplaces, grills and more
    • Trust gas line work only to highly trained, certified professionals
    • Don’t forget how great it is to have an endless supply of gas when you are running the BBQ!
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    Knowing Whether Your Gas Line Needs to be Repaired

    When it comes to natural gas lines, there are some obvious signs that will tell you your gas line needs repair such as your carbon monoxide alarm going off or the smell of rotten egg around your home. Here are a few other signs to look out for:

    • Pipes are starting to crack or close to cracking
    • Hissing noises near your gas pipes
    • Rust or corrosion on your gas pipes
    • Gas appliances slowing down

    Victoria’s Gas Line Experts

    Natural gas is so frequently utilised, connecting your home to the natural gas line on your street should be a very simple operation. However, the addition of natural gas to your home is a major project that needs to be supervised and executed by qualified plumbers. Gas line installation, maintenance, and repair are our specialties at Drain Pro Plumbing in Victoria and surrounding cities.  We understand the procedure, can obtain the permits, and can cooperate with your local inspectors to guarantee that all completed work complies with the regulations.

    Establishing a gas connection to your home can be a lengthy and time-consuming process if done by amateurs. It is crucial that all work on your gas line, including installation, be done properly because gas is such a combustible fuel. For years, our professionals at Drain Pro Plumbing have assisted homeowners in and around Victoria, BC, add natural gas to their homes, and we are here to assist you as well. Contact us today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How safe is natural gas?2021-10-06T12:53:33+00:00

    When installed and used correctly, natural gas is a very safe and efficient source of power. The overwhelming majority of incidents involving natural gas are due to not following the correct procedures, especially when it comes to connecting and disconnecting natural gas lines. When you have your natural gas line installed by licensed professionals such as those at Drain Pro Plumbing Services, you can rest assured that your natural gas system is safe.


    Contact us today if you are interested in installing a natural gas system in your home.

    Why does natural gas smell like rotten eggs?2021-10-05T18:31:41+00:00

    Believe it or not, natural gas smells like rotten eggs to keep you safe! Since natural gas on its own is odourless, a harmless and safe chemical called mercaptan is mixed with the gas so we can smell it if there is a gas leak. Most people describe the smell of natural gas mixed with mercaptan as similar to rotten eggs or sulphur. If you use natural gas in your home and notice a smell of rotten eggs, you might have a natural gas leak.


    If you suspect you do have a leak, vacate your home and contact Drain Pro Plumbing immediately.

    How often do my gas lines need to be replaced?2021-10-05T18:31:23+00:00

    There are many types of pipes that work together in your natural gas system. Their lifespans vary depending on the material they are made of:

    • Copper Pipes: 70-80 Years
    • Brass Pipes: 80-100 Years
    • Galvanized Steel: 80-100 Years

    Damage to these pipes can still happen at any time across their lifespan due to faulty components, corrosion, improperly moving gas appliances, tree roots near underground lines and more. It is important to have your pipes inspected every so often to ensure they are in working order.


    Contact Drain Pro to set up an appointment for us to replace your gas line.

    How can I tell if I need my gas line repaired?2021-10-05T18:31:06+00:00

    Aside from the obvious rotten egg smell, or alarm from your home’s carbon monoxide detector, there are a number of things you can look for and notice that will tell you if your gas line needs to be fixed:

    • Pipes are starting to crack or look like they will at any moment.
    • Hissing noises near your gas pipes.
    • Rust or corrosion on your gas pipes
    • Gas appliances slowing down
    • Dying house plants or grass around buried gas pipes despite regular watering
    • Drastic increase in your utility bill

    All of these are easy ways to tell if there is (or soon will be) a gas leak somewhere in your gas line that urgently needs to be fixed.


    If you notice any of the above signs, get in touch with our team at Drain Pro. We will be able to assess your situation and provide you with the next course of action.

    Can I use flexible gas pipe like PEX in my gas line?2021-10-05T18:30:40+00:00

    Yes, but only under certain conditions. Certain grades of polyethylene pipes like PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) are capable of being used for gas lines. However, due to the fact that it is plastic that expands easily near heat, they are not recommended to be connected directly to any heat-producing appliances like a gas furnace, water heater, stove or BBQ. Doing so is an easy way to spring a gas leak.


    PEX pipes are great to use in gas lines when you are transporting natural gas from one point in your home to another because it is flexible and doesn’t require as many directional connections. The pipes should connect to metal pipes near appliances in such a way as it isn’t exposed to extreme heat.


    PEX pipes also work well as buried pipes used to connect detached buildings such as sheds and garages that are on your property.


    If you would like to learn more about how we can install PEX pipes in your home, contact our team today!

    Do I need a permit to have work done on my gas line?2021-10-05T18:30:09+00:00

    Gas line work is fully regulated under the BC Safety Standards Act. These regulations state that unless you have an emergency such as a gas leak, you need to have a permit before having any work done on your gas line. This work could be:

    • Installations
    • Alterations
    • Extensions
    • Preventative Maintenance

    Our team of experts will help you with permits every step of the way so there is no need to stress. Contact us today!

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