There are four basic types of bathroom faucet drillings. When upgrading your bathroom plumbing, you may choose to buy a bath sink faucet-and-basin combination, but when buying these pieces separately, remember the configuration of the four bathroom faucet types:

  • Wall-mounted faucets require a spout long enough to reach your freestanding or counter-mounted basin• Single lever – standard for three-hole, pre-drilled sinks
  • Widespread – also made for pre-drilled, three-hole bath sinks
  • Centre set – standard for three-hole, pre-drilled basinsIn addition to these four types of faucets for bath sinks, you can get better water flow control and pressure by choosing an aerated spout.

Spouts without aeration may splash more when the water hits the basin. For taller basins, this may not be as much of a problem as it can be with a shallow bath sink. Remember to match sink fixtures properly with the depth and width of the basin if you are buying separately.