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When to Call a Plumber for a Clogged Drain

All homeowners eventually have to deal with a clogged drain at one time or another. When water goes where it’s not supposed to, it can cause leaks and damage to the walls and inner structure of your home in a short period of time. While it may be tempting to try and fix a clogged drain yourself, one misstep can easily turn a simple problem into a nightmare scenario. Whether the clogged drain is in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s essential to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid more extensive damage. Though it can be an incredibly frustrating problem if you can't identify the source of the clog, there are a few telltale signs that will help you know if professional help is needed. Signs You Need to Call A Plumber Sometimes all you need to resolve a plumbing issue is a plunger, whereas other times a more experienced hand is needed. The first, and most obvious sign that a drain has been clogged, is when you turn on a faucet and no water comes out. Frozen pipes, major leaks, and backup problems can all cause you to lose water. Having a water leak puts your home at risk of developing structural issues and wrecking the foundation. Another sign that some of your pipes might be leaking is if your water bill is much higher than usual. Low water pressure is usually caused by a clogged aerator, which can be easily remedied with a vinegar soak. However, if the poor water pressure is in more than one sink, you may have a more significant problem to deal with. If you notice that the water in the sink or tub won’t drain, try unclogging the drain with a plunger. In case that doesn’t work, or if the same sink is continually becoming clogged, it’s best to have an expert take a look at the issue. Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber Conducting minor DIY fixes may fix the immediate problem, but there’s a possibility that undetected issues are hiding behind walls or under cabinets. Small problems, such as a leaky faucet or clogged drains, can develop into major plumbing issues. Having a professional drain cleaning once you notice the signs of a clogged drain will prevent any further deterioration from occurring, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Although you may know the basics about plumbing, a professional will have more extensive knowledge and will be able to spot larger problems you are not aware of. In addition to that, they can offer useful advice on what to look out for and steps to perform in case another issue arises. Victoria’s Clogged Drain & Plumbing Experts Having a clogged sink, toilet, or shower drain can be a great hassle, as your quality of life gets negatively impacted. Even a minor clog can be a source of concern, starting a buildup of harmful debris that adversely affects your plumbing system. Addressing the problem quickly will help [...]


Common Winter Plumbing Issues in Victoria, BC

As we settle into the winter season, it’s time to start preparing our homes for the cold weather. There’s nothing better than being wrapped up in a cozy blanket and having a hot drink, although you won’t be able to enjoy your afternoon if you have to deal with a frozen plumbing system. When temperatures drop significantly, water pipes have a higher chance of bursting or freezing over, which can wreak havoc on your home. Victoria’s winters are unpredictable, but whether it’s unusually warm or incredibly cold, it’s essential to make sure your plumbing systems are fully functional. Fortunately, many plumbing problems can be avoided when homeowners proactively seek plumbing services and maintenance. Frozen Pipes Plumbing problems are most prevalent during the winter months, as water can freeze quickly when the temperature drops below zero. Many homes have outdoor plumbing lines that are used for summer irrigation purposes. Since these lines are located outside, there’s no protection from the cold, making them the most susceptible to bursting. It can be difficult to detect frozen outdoor pipes, as the water sources aren’t used during the winter. Any water damage may take days to be discovered, during which the flooded water will negatively impact your home’s structural integrity. Although the interior of your home offers a semblance of protection, uninsulated areas along exterior walls can cause the water supply lines to freeze as well. Watch out for a light flow of water from sinks and showers, as it’s often a sign of frozen pipes. Water Heater Troubles One of the many things people look forward to after spending the day outside is taking a steaming hot shower. However, water heaters may struggle with the demand, as the winter temperatures make it harder to warm water quickly. If you notice that your taps or showers are not giving hot water, it may be a sign that your water heater is failing. The last thing anyone wants is to take a cold shower in even colder weather, making it crucial to have your heater working at its highest efficiency. Clogged Kitchen Drains The holiday season is the perfect time to cook and celebrate as a family. As more food waste is sent down the kitchen sink, clogs are more likely to occur than at any other time of year. Certain things such as cooking oil, eggshells, and grease should never be disposed of in the drain. The cold weather can cause these materials to freeze in the pipes, clogging the drain and creating a nasty smell. To help prevent a clogged drain, run cold water while using the disposer and keep it on for 30 seconds after everything has been dumped. If you don't have a disposer, consider getting a sink strainer to ensure that your drain doesn't get clogged up. And if you're here because your drains are already clogged, give us a call today. Professional Plumbing Services in Victoria, BC Is your water pressure not as strong as it used to be? [...]


Preparing for Winter: How to Drain & Protect Your Pipes

Winter is only a couple of months away. This is the time of year when people start to get their property ready for the winter months. Whether it’s putting away patio furniture or storing machinery, there is quite a bit to do. One thing that homeowners tend to leave to the last minute or forget is getting the pipes in their homes prepared for the winter. From draining your system to adding winter-friendly features, here is Drain Pro Plumbing’s guide to preparing for winter in Victoria and Lower Vancouver Island. When to Drain Your Pipes There are a few instances when you may need to drain your pipes year-round, including after a repair has been done. However, during winter, anytime you are leaving your home unheated for some time, you should drain them to keep your pipes from freezing. Whether you’re going on vacation for two weeks or you’re headed south for the winter, draining your pipes before your leave will help you avoid damage to your system. If your pipes are not drained, any water that has flowed to a source will remain in the pipes until the next time you open the faucet. If the temperature drops, the water inside the pipes will freeze. As a solid, water is larger than it is in a liquid state. The frozen water will expand and put your pipes at risk of cracking or bursting. Only when the water thaws will you know whether any damage has been done. Meaning you can expect a welcome home flood when you return! How to Drain Your Plumbing System Depending on how complex your pipe and plumbing system is, the draining process is rather straightforward. You’ll want to start by shutting off the main water supply of your home. The shut-off valve is usually located near your water meter. The next thing you’ll want to do is open all your sink faucets starting with those on the top floor of your home. This will likely be your upstairs bathroom, followed by downstairs bathrooms, your kitchen sink and any sink faucets you have in your basement. Doing so allows air into the system and helps the water flow when draining.  Once the lowest faucet in your home has been opened, allow the water from the upper floors to drain completely. Once this has been done, you’ll want to open any other faucets such as shower and bathtub faucets. You’ll then want to flush each toilet until the tanks are empty. There should be no more water coming from the faucets. At this point, aside from droplets, your system should be drained! Preparing Your Pipes for Winter If you choose not to prepare your pipes or plumbing system for the winter, you’re leaving yourself at risk of damages and costly repairs. There are a few things you can do to prepare your pipes for winter including: Shut off any outdoor faucets at their shut-off valve & drain them - if not drained, there is a chance [...]


5 Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repairs

Functioning gas lines are essential for every commercial and residential property. They keep your water heater, furnace, grill and other appliances operational. If gas lines malfunction, however, it’s not only your appliances that will suffer. Damaged gas lines are exceptionally hazardous and could put you and your family in danger. That’s why it’s critical to catch gas line problems before they get out of hand. […]


How Subpar Plumbing Can Cause Dangerous Mold in your Home

Mold can become the bane of existence for many property owners. Mold smells bad and it gives the house a terrible appearance, resulting in big-ticket expenses when it comes to repairs. But there is more to mold than how we see it or smell it. If you have mold issues in the home, chances are close to definite that our home’s plumbing system needs to be looked at. […]


4 Things to Do when your Pipes Burst

A burst pipe is the bane of any homeowner’s or business owner’s existence. It’s the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Winter is a particularly tough time for weak pipes here in Victoria and Lower Vancouver Island. During this time of the year, water freezes and expands considerably, giving Canadians a hard time. If you are experiencing a pipe burst, call your Drain Pro, the trusted Victoria emergency plumber as soon as possible. […]