Drain excavation is a method used to repair drainage systems or fix sewage line issues when homeowners experience a blockage.

For the most part, plumbing technicians are able to use a variety of techniques to clear the cause of the blockage in the pipes.

a plumbing technician working on a clogged kitchen sink

Usually, there is no real need to access the actual pipes themselves. However, in some cases, the only option is drain excavation.

Without the proper equipment and lack of experience, it’s difficult to assess whether there are issues occurring with your drainage system. Here are a few signs to look out for that can tell you there may be an issue:

  • Multiple drains in your home are clogged or blocked
  • Water is slower than it used to be or you have to flush more than once
  • The smell of sewage is coming from your sinks or toilets
  • Indentations around your yard or sinkholes
  • Unexplained patched or extra healthy grass

Once you have identified an issue with your drain,  get in touch with a plumber (like Drain Pro!).  It’s best to have a professional determine whether a drain excavation is necessary.

Factors Used to Determine if Drain Excavation is Necessary

Here are a variety of factors that professional plumbing technicians consider when determining whether drain excavation is necessary.

Existing Pipe Material

One factor that plumbing technicians consider is the material that your drainage system is made from.

a plumbing technician working on a drainage system without using drain excavation

External drain pipes are commonly made from metal, plastic or concrete. Over the years, natural corrosion can wear away at the joints and material, causing the drainage system to fail.

Soil Conditions in Your Yard

The condition of your soil is another factor that can determine whether a drain excavation is necessary. Sub-par soil conditions can lead to shifting in the sewer line. Which requires the pipes to be excavated for repair.

If the soil in your yard is not in the right condition, plumbing technicians won’t be able to repair your drains using no-dig methods.

Severity of Blockage

The severity of the blockage is another consideration for whether a drain excavation is needed. Blockages that are so severe may not be able to be broken up or pushed through using other methods.

As well, older pipes might have corrosion built up inside that makes replacing the entire section of a pipe necessary.

Tree Roots & Other Landscaping Factors

Tree roots may be another reason that drain excavation is required. If you have a large tree in your yard, the roots can grow into the sewer line and damage it or be the cause of the blockage.

If this is the case, it is nearly impossible to remove and repair without using the drain excavation process.

Drain Pro – Our Drain Excavation Process in Victoria, BC

Our teams at Drain Pro in Victoria, BC understand how inconvenient drain excavation is. The last thing any homeowner wants to see is their beautiful yard dug up!

That is why drain excavation is our last resort! We explore all drainage system repair options before making the decision to proceed with drain excavation. Drain excavation is not always necessary and experienced plumbers are equipped with the right equipment and techniques to fix your system without excavation if possible.

When we are contacted about possible drainage or sewage line issues, our experienced plumbing technicians take the time to investigate the cause of the issue.

drain excavation where a pipe has been replaced

We present our clients with a transparent quote that reflects the full value of our experienced and professional drain excavation work. We make sure to include estimates for extra time to find/avoid any buried cable and the time it takes to do the excavation work.

At Drain Pro, we do our best to leave the smallest impact possible on your yard if drain excavation is necessary.

Work with an expert to assess whether you need to go through the drain excavation process to fix your drainage system, contact us today!