Plumbing emergencies can be costly and extremely inconvenient. They will cause structural damage without proper action.

It is important to exercise an abundance of caution when dealing with a potential plumbing emergency. But how do you know when a plumbing issue is an emergency?

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Recognizing when a plumbing issue has escalated to an emergency can be tough at times. It is important to be vigilant and to recognize when a problem has escalated past something you can handle on your own. Here are some common plumbing emergencies that Victoria residents encounter:

Major Flooding

Major flooding can be caused by faulty plumbing, weather conditions, or even earthquakes. At the first sign of major flooding, contact a professional plumber to assist with the dissipation of the water. This will help avoid as much damage to prized possessions as possible, as well as damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Major flooding is not uncommon in Victoria, so it is important to keep this tip in mind during any extreme weather conditions, or if you notice major flooding occurring in your home. Don’t hesitate to contact Drain Pro Plumbing, we are happy to help.

A Leaky Pipe In the Wallsa homeowner on the phone with a plumber after discovering drywall damage due to leaking pipes

A leaky pipe in the wall is one of the most insidious plumbing emergencies out there. By the time you notice any water damage to your walls, it will have spread quite far throughout the drywall and overall foundation of your home. It is important to contact a professional as soon as you notice water damage on your walls.

A professional will come to check out your leaking pipe issue and determine how wide the scope of the damage is. They will provide you with a quote and take steps to eradicate the damaged drywall, insulation, etc.

Water Heater Malfunctions

Water heaters malfunction and many people don’t immediately recognize this as a plumbing emergency. Without a properly functioning water heater, your quality of life is greatly affected. Not having access to warm water will have more damaging effects than you might think. In terms of hygiene alone, people are significantly less likely to shower in freezing cold temperatures.

Make sure to address your water heater issues as soon as they arise to avoid any long-term inconvenience. Here at Drain Pro Plumbing, we can assist you in a timely and cost-effective manner!

Sewage Backupsbacked up sewage system

Sewage backups will be one of the most obvious plumbing emergencies you will encounter. The look and smell will immediately indicate to you that you require a professional to assist with this problem. If you notice your plumbing is beginning to back up, it is extremely important to contact a professional immediately to avoid any unnecessary complications. For example, you run the risk of the possibility of pipes bursting and sewage damaging the foundation of your home.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services in Victoria

Drain Pro Plumbing has helped thousands of Victoria residents handle minor and major plumbing emergencies quickly and cost-effectively. We are dedicated to providing world-class service to our customers. We work hard to ensure our work is completed up to code.

If you believe you may be in need of emergency plumbing services to avoid damage to your home, contact Drain Pro Plumbing today. No matter what time of day it is, our team is prepared to handle your emergency plumbing issue 24/7.