Everyone loves Spring. There is something refreshing about the ice clearing up and the emergence of warm sunny days.  Spring cleaning is an amazing springboard to start the season anew before we get our feet in the sand and break out our spring clothing. However, Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to a clean house and a sprouting garden, this is the perfect opportunity to check on your plumbing and save yourself money on expensive repairs down the line.

You probably don’t think about checking your plumbing unless there’s a problem.  That said, when plumbing issues occur they can cause significant unexpected costs. To avoid this, we have gone ahead to create a checklist for you this spring. Here is your spring plumbing maintenance checklist:

  • Checking for pipe leaks
  • Checking for toilet leaks
  • Checking drains
  • Checking water heater
  • Checking all appliances that use water
  • Checking sump pump
  • Checking outdoor plumbing


Checking for Pipe Leaks

Upset lady calling plumber for leaksThe extreme cold of the winter might have repeatedly frozen the pipes and caused cracks in the piping system. Leaks from pipes can become problematic if not discovered in time. Increased water bills and water damage to property can be avoided by checking the pipes for leaks.

Look for signs of leaking and water damage around exposed pipes and pipe connections under sink cabinets and in the basement. Check if all faucets are not leaking when turned off. If any leaks are found, plumbing maintenance will need to be done on the affected areas.


Checking for Toilet Leaks

Look for signs of leaking in your water bowl, the water tank, surrounding pipes and connections to the wall. Flush the toilet and check again. Finally, use the colour test to make sure your tank isn’t leaking.

Put a few drops of food colouring in the tank and wait 45 to 75 minutes. If there is any change in colour in the water bowl or If any leaks are found, plumbing maintenance will need to be done on your toilet.


Checking Drains

A man checking his toilet for leaks

Check all drains in the house for smell or slow drain, if there are drains that are not in use all the time, fill it up with water and clear the drain, and snake slow drains. Place strains on exposed drains to prevent clogs. If any problematic drains are found, you should enlist professional help.


Checking Water Heater

The water heater in your home has taken care of you during the cold months, now it is time to make sure it is operating properly. Newer model water heaters are more efficient and require maintenance less often. However, regardless of the age of your heater, check if all hoses are in place and there are no signs of leaking, declutter the surrounding space and verify the set temperature. Temperature over 120 degrees Fahrenheit could cause scalding.


Checking All Appliances That Use Water

A lady checking her dishwasher for leaks

Check all water appliances in the house for leaks. Inspect hoses and connections for bulges, loose-fitting, old hoses and general functional operation. If there are any problems, the appliances may require maintenance.


Checking Sump Pump

If your house has a sump pump, you need to make sure it is working. You can check if your equipment is working by dumping water into the basin. The pump should activate, drain water, and then shut off. If this isn’t the case, you need to have a plumber check it out.


Checking Outdoor Plumbing

The harsh temperature outside might have affected your outside pipes, faucets and drains. Check for leaks and water flow. Also, check your downspouts and gutters for blockages.


Leave Your Plumbing to the Pros

A poorly maintained plumbing can cause a spike in water bills and a lot of damage that require expensive repairs. These issues can spoil your preparations for spring just when you’re all ready for the warmer weather. Our experts at Drain Pro have the experience and the technical know-how to fix your plumbing issues quickly and efficiently. If you discover plumbing issues from your checks, stay ahead of the problem by contacting us today.