Mold can become the bane of existence for many property owners.

Mold smells bad and it gives the house a terrible appearance, resulting in big-ticket expenses when it comes to repairs.

But there is more to mold than how we see it or smell it. If you have mold issues in the home, chances are close to definite that our home’s plumbing system needs to be looked at.

Calling on your trusted Victoria plumber means getting a pro who can assess the source(s) of the mold and identify where the unwanted water is coming from – then fixing the issues properly to prevent future mold growth.

How Your Victoria Plumber Can Identify Sources of Mold

cleaning mold damage from bad plumbingPoor plumbing provides the great growing condition for fungus, moisture and mold.

The key is to take action as soon as you notice the mold, as it’s most likely a symptom of plumbing or pipe issues.

Once the source of moisture is found, preventing the growth of mold will be straightforward.

Many home owners in Victoria try to tackle plumbing tasks by themselves. However, this is not the kind of DIY job to put your handyman skills to test. Plumbing work to prevent dangerous mold growth requires professional training and expertise, so be sure to contact a qualified technician to address the situation.

What Plumbing Issues Cause Mold?

Below are the plumbing issues that, if left untreated, can lead to mold and mildew.

  1. Standing Water in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for microorganism themselves, and mismanagement and lack of attention can result in disaster.

To prevent mold from growing on walls and floors, make sure your bathroom is dry at all times.

This can be done by simply wiping off spilled water from the bath or shower and by cleaning sinks and other fixtures frequently.

  1. Leaky Sinks & Faucets

mold in ceiling from leaking pipesIt happens to the best of us.

Most people use the space under the sink to store goods, such as supplies or towels.

Unfortunately, these objects can hide leakages from view. Since it’s a dark and moist space that hardly ever receives fresh air, you should inspect it every other week.

  1. Clogged Drains

Blocked sewer lines and clogged drains also leave dirty water behind.

Whether it’s inside or outside the drain, it will result in fungal growth.

Leaving blocked drains unattended is not a good idea, so contact your trusted emergency plumber in Victoria as soon as possible.

  1. Flooding

Although this may not seem like a plumbing issue in and of itself, the water can settle deep inside floors and walls, causing mold.

If you are unable to spot the flooded are, a qualified plumber will do it for you.

  1. Moisture in your Basement

mold around pipesBasements are dark, humid and fairly warm, and therefore, the perfect spot for fungus to grow.

They generally contain lots of plumbing elements, such as drain pipes, sumps, and water supply lines, with can contribute to the spread of mold and mildew if not maintained.

Trusted Emergency Plumbers in Victoria

To prevent potential, dangerous emergencies, contact us as soon as you notice mold.

At Drain Pro we are committed to being your trusted plumber in Victoria, backed by plumbing industry experience and expertise.

We are licensed, bonded and insured, and pride on our four decades of plumbing experience. Regardless of the emergency, we are here to assist. Don’t let mold ruin your property!