A clogged drain is an inconvenience that you don’t want to stick around for long. Otherwise, it can lead to bad health conditions, horrible smells and severe water damage in your house. 

Knowing what causes clogged drains and how to fix/prevent them can save you an enormous amount of money, time and stress. Hence, the team at Drain Pro Plumbing would like you to know some common causes of clogged drains.


Hair Build-Up

clogged drain hair

An accumulation of hair, human or animal, has been known to cause clogged drains often, especially in bathroom sinks and drains. When wet hair becomes tangled and matted, it can create a strong blockage that prevents water from flowing. Other string-like objects like dental floss can also clog drains in a similar manner.

To unclog drains choked up with hairs, a plunger works great and leaves your pipes in good condition as well. Drain cleaners, commercial and homemade, can also clear up clogged drains caused by hairs but they can have an adverse effect on your pipes too. If the clog proves especially resilient, use a plumber’s snake to dislodge and break up the clogs.

The best way to avoid this problem from causing more clogged drains is to use a strainer guard on your drains. These little devices are able to filter out liquid while catching fine objects, like hairs, that can become one of the many clogged drain causes.



Even though dirt easily flows into your drains, it can also create clogged drains when it accumulates at the right spot. Enough dirt and water can create mud in your plumbing, creating a stronger blockade. This kind of blockage is mostly found in bathroom showers and tubs.

Plunging and snaking a dirt-clogged drain can help resolve the issue. A drain cleaner is another common method that is also effective in this situation.

Prevention of this clogged drain cause usually involves shaking or rising the dirt or mud off your clothes and body before entering the bathroom. As long as the dirt doesn’t accumulate in large amounts within short periods, it can easily flow down the drain.


Soap Scum

Also known as soap residue, scum builds up over a length of time. It coats the internal walls of pipes and hardens. This causes the diameter to reduce gradually over a period and leads to slow draining of water or complete blockage of the drain. Combined with hair, dirt, and other foreign objects, the clogged drain develops even faster.

You will need to use pressure cleaning to unclog drains blocked by soap scum. The only way to avoid this kind of blockage is to use washes that do not use soap.


Solidified Oil

Even though they flow like liquids, cooking oil or grease are common clogged drain causes. Similar to soap scum, they can coat the internal walls of pipes, harden, and narrow the available space for water to flow. Fat is particularly good at hardening and clogging up drains.

Pouring a mixture of hot water and detergent down the drain or a chemical drain cleaner can clear a clog of solid oil. Plunging the clogged drain can also be effective.

To prevent this from happening, you should wipe down oily dishes and pans with a paper towel before washing them. Dispose of the oil-soaked tissue in the trash. Large amounts of fat should be collected in a container, allowed to harden, and then disposed of.


Waste Food Particles

clogged drain flowThis is one of the common kitchen clogged drain causes that most people have encountered at least once. Food waste can find its way into your drains as a result of washing dirty dishes and other seemingly safe tasks. Even with a garbage disposal system, the food can still clog the drains badly. This gets worse when food that doesn’t break down easily, like coffee grounds and tea leaves, gets stuck in your drains.

The common methods of unclogging drains (plunging, snaking and drain cleaners) will prove effective in this situation. However, if you have a garbage disposal installed, a malfunction of the unit could create a clog in your drain. Examine it carefully for any issues.

You should try to avoid putting food down your drain to avoid this situation. A strainer, similar to the one used to prevent hairs from clogging drains, can work as a passive solution. Ensure that all food waste goes into the trash, or a compost bin if you have one. Maintain your garbage disposal regularly.


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A clogged drain presents a major problem with a significant cost attached to it. To prevent other issues from occurring due to a single clog, you should take immediate action to remedy the situation. This will protect your home and improve your ability to use the various plumbing facilities available.

If your clog proves too difficult to handle yourself or creates a plumbing emergency, please contact us. Drain Pro Plumbing Services provides expert unclogging and other plumbing-related services in Victoria and the surrounding communities. We know very well how minor clogs can lead to major problems. We have the experience and expertise you can count on to unclog your plumbing.