If you notice any strange noises or smell coming out of your toilet, it could be an indication of a major underlying issue. Overflowing and leaking toilets not only cause water damage to your house but may also significantly increase your utility bills. You can let experts help you determine the issue and fix it immediately to prevent it from worsening. If you want to get a clogged toilet fixed and are looking for professional plumbing services in Victoria, Drain Pro can help. We serve both commercial and residential clients. We also offer hot water tanks and excavation services.
Toilet Plumbing Issues

Here we have listed a few toilet plumbing problems you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Clogged Toilet

Although a common issue that can be resolved with a plunger, constant clogging may indicate a bigger problem such as the accumulation of waste in your drainage pipes. Flushing of toilet paper and sanitary pads down your toilet should be avoided. Sometimes, the age and condition of your plumbing can also cause problems.

Most of the clogs occur in the trap area of the toilet. This may slow down or block the flush completely.

  • Running Toilet

Running toilets lead to a waste of water and can increase the water bill significantly. This problem can occur due to a lot of reasons, such as an old flapper or overflow. If the water seeps around the flapper and into the bowl, the flapper might not be sealing properly. It can also be caused by a leak in the fill valve.

  • Cracked Tank Lid

The porcelain lid of your toilet tank is brittle and can be easily broken. It cannot be fixed and you may have to replace it.

  • Cracked Toilet Seat

There is no way to fix a broken toilet seat; you just have to install a new one. This is easy as you just set the seat in place and tighten the nuts. However, removing an old seat can be very difficult and best left to the professionals.

  • Overflowing Toilet

If there is a serious clog in your drain pipes and the water is unable to push through, it may just flood your bathroom. Apart from leaving behind a bad odour, this can also have serious health effects on you. If you don’t have a proper venting system in your house, you may notice air bubbles rising up your toilet bowl or the water level rising and falling continuously. You can use a plunger to get rid of the clog. If it doesn’t work, use a toilet snake or get the help of plumbers.

  • Leaks at the Toilet Base

Water may sometimes seep out around the base of the toilet bowl and onto the floor to form a puddle. This is usually caused by problems in the wax ring that seals the base of the toilet to the drain opening. The toilet has to be removed to replace the wax ring. This can be a problem as the water is dirty. It is better for you to not use the toilet until it is fixed. Experienced plumbers can easily fix this issue.

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