Have you ever experienced a clogged drain?

If so, you know what a challenge it can be – both unclogging the drain and getting rid of the mess that’s caused on either end of it.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. That’s why, in this edition of the Drain Pro Victoria Plumber blog, we’re bringing you 5 Tips on How to Prevent Clogging Your Drain.

Preventing Clogged Drains in Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are one of the biggest culprits in the house when it comes to clogged drains.

That’s because we tend to put all kinds of things down the kitchen sink, from food (in many shapes, sizes and states) to grease/oil to drinks and more.

There are a number of easy but valuable steps you can start taking today to prevent clogged sink drains in your kitchen.

Don’t Throw Food Scraps Down the Drain – Avoid Clogged Drains with Composting

compost bin prevent clogged drainInstead of putting food waste down the drain (even if you have a garbage disposal attached under your kitchen sink), why not collect it in a compost bin instead. In fact, food composting is highly encourages by the City of Victoria BC, which offers a compost collection as part of the Victoria garbage collection program.

This way, you’re diverting food scraps and waste away from the sewer system, and you’re virtually eliminating the risk of clogged drains. The Victoria and Lower Vancouver Island community thanks you, and so will your family and your wallet when you don’t have to call on a Victoria plumber’s clogged drain services.

Collect Grease & Oil, Too

In addition to diverting food waste away from your kitchen sink to prevent clogged drains, another effective step is collecting grease and oil.

Any oils you cook with, you can collect in a grease trap or jar, etc. – the same goes for grease runoff from bacon, steak and other meats.

Kitchen Sink Stopped to Prevent Clogged Drains

This one’s so easy.

Buy a metal mesh stopper – more like a strainer – at the dollar store. Get a few, in fact.

Then use these religiously in your kitchen sink.

Any food that is collected in the stopper/strainer, you can then throw into the compost bin.

It’s a cheap, easy & highly effective way to prevent clogged drains in the kitchen sink.

Preventing Clogged Drains in Your Bathroom (Tub, Shower, Toiler & Sink)

clogged toilet overflowingAside from the kitchen, another part of the home where clogged drains occur is the bathrooms.

Bathroom clogged drain potential exists in toilets, bathroom sinks, tubs and showers.

Here are some tips to avoid clogged drains in the bathroom:

  • Flush only toilet paper down the toilet (do not throw tissue paper or anything else!)
  • Use a pop-up stopper in the bathroom sink (good for collecting hair, make-up residue, etc.)
  • Get a flexible, rubber or plastic mesh stopper/strainer for the shower floor(s)
  • Avoid letting hair get into the drain in the tub or shower (collect it on the floor / shower walls and dispose of it in the garbage)

With these helpful tips you can cut down the risk of bathroom clogged drains to virtually nil.

Preventing Clogged Drains in the Laundry Room, Utility Room, Etc.

sink flowing no clogged drainOther places in your home where drains can get clogged include the laundry room (washing machine, sink, etc.), utility room, basement or garage… anywhere you would have a sink or drainage area.

Using the same mindfulness and easy techniques we’ve given for the kitchen and bathrooms, you can pretty much eliminate clogged drains in any part of the house.

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